THE WINDOW PROJECT  Our village has a number of vacant store fronts.  This is an idea that covers those windows and also provides an opportunity for exiting businesses to advertise to the passing public.

HEAR. HERE. This idea was developed years ago when you had to buy an entire music CD if you wanted to get the one song that you liked on it. Listening stations were just begining to show up in music retail locations.  This new promotional product fit right into the CD bin with the regular music CDs. It was battery-powered and could be upgraded whenever the artist released a new album. It gave the artist a way to talk to the fan and a chance for them to listen to a few seconds of each song on the CD.

ENOW  A new mobile magazine you read it right in the palm of your hand. It's filled with info on Health, Fashion, Travel, Food, Cars, Home

and Music.  Go to

 TALKING WEBSITE. This is one of several promotional ideas created for recording artist Dave Koz. Voice had not been used before this time. 

CRASH-PROOF CAR. Idea sketches for a futuristic commuter vehicle. Inset shows recent unknown published image.


12 images made into a series of laminated Drink Coasters for home use or gift giving.


NEW PACKAGING When a packaging company was ready to introduce the first 100% enclosed beer package, I was asked to create the beer name, slogan and package.  This fake beer was used in all their print promotional materials.

A food logo used on resturant bags and wraps for a New York deli. An identity program for a Florida consulting company called Southern Star.

The prototype cards above

use celebrity images to suggest clothing and poses.

These prototypes ads (right and  below) were meant to appear in the new eNOW magazine.



Gas 4 Less. This billboard ad campaign was created to help reduce our dependency on foreign oil. It could also extend onto gas station signage and magazine print.

Below is the "spybordz" logo for a new line of skateboards, fashions and gear.

You.Me.LOVE. This is just one of a complete line of related products that can be shared by those in love. The line includes greeting cards, long love letters, a picture frame and clothing.


I started this program in a town where there was little funding for local schools. I took five kids on a different tour each week and asked them to write a story about it.  I edited them into one story and it was published in the local paper.

NEW CONTAINER This packaging idea was based on the small plastic creamers found on many restaurant tables.  Why not increase the size to 10 to 12 ounces and put a non-carbonated product inside?  By leaving six attached, it makes a easy take-home sixpack. Now, of course, yogurt and other food items are being packaged in this way.

IWORLD This patient communication panel was created after spendng time in Ingalls Hospital near Chicago. It not only resolves many communication issues between patient and the nursing staff but also logs the amount of time a doctor spends in the room with the patient.


While serving on the Economic Development Committee for two years I created these two efforts to reach out to every resident and ga-ther info that the village or the consutants could use for decision making. 


SWEEPSTAKES MAGAZINE.  In 1991 it occurred to me to put all the various sweepstakes contests into one monthly magazine.

FREE PERFUME SAMPLE.  This greeting card is inserted into a men's magazine.  A man just removes and signs it, and puts it into the attached envelope.


LEARN COMPUTERS. On the back of cereal boxes.  This idea was developed in a time when there were few computers in the classrooms.

THE BRAINTRUST CO.  A group of five experts each with over 15 years of experience in their fields came together to consult companies on new products or services.

CODEMASTER.  I helped to develop and produce this early color coding system. (circa 1986)

DIRT CARDS. The first in a series of extreme sport trading cards.  After first designing the logo, I used existing ads and images to create the cards. 

While working on staff as a graphic or package designer and production artist, my client list included:


AIGNER office products Product Development

ALADDIN automotive aftermarket Logo & Packaging

ANHEUSER BUSH brewery Packaging

BRANDELL PRODUCTS golf accessories Logo & Packaging

BROWN’S CHICKEN fast food Print & TV

CHICAGO DIETETIC consumer foods Packaging

COCA COLA consumer foods Packaging

FESCO INDUSTRIES kitchen products Packaging

FOULDS consumer foods Packaging

GBC office products Logo & P.O.P. 

INGALLS HOSPITAL powerpoint, video and graphic design

INTERTHERM heating and cooling products Logo & Packaging

JAMES B. BEAM brewery P.O.P.

MAURELL PRODUCTS boats & accessories Print

MILLER BEER brewery Packaging

NALCO CHEMICAL car care products Packaging

PILSNER BEER brewery Packaging

SEVEN-UP consumer foods Packaging